Africa Film Society is proud to announce our 3rd Season of Classics In The Park will feature a selection of short films from contemporary African filmmakers on the Continent and in the Diaspora. Our call for short films submission is NOW OPEN

Below are Eligibility and Submission Guidelines 
1. Short-length (under 20 minute) narrative, documentary, animated and experimental films 
2. No Submission Fee required.

3. As applicable, a password protected streaming link of the film must be submitted to
Submissions must include (In this Order)
a) Title Of Film
b) Name of Director
c) Year of Production
d) Name, Email, Phone Number and Title of Applicant.

4. Non-English language works must have English subtitles at the time submitted

5. ALL territories and countries are eligible. Director or Producer of film MUST be of African descent 
6. Only One film per applicant 
7. Submission Deadline is June 30th 11pm GMT


(* Screening Dates / Schedule TBA)


Classics Offical Selection.jpg


OBREIRO - PORTUGAL / GHANA ( Dir: Nnenna Onuoha) 

Screening Date: JAN 27th

Obreiro [English: The Labourer] is a short, observational portrait of Ato: a Ghanaian barber in Lisbon, Portugal who dreams of priesthood, and leaves his customers with much more than a haircut. 



MOTHER TONGUES - UK (Dir: Victoria Adukwei Bulley)

Screening Date: JAN 27th

Mother Tongues is a poetry, translation and film series celebrating acclaimed poets alongside the cultures, languages and women that have nurtured them. After having their mothers translate their work into their mother's native language, poets and mothers are filmed in intimate conversation before each reciting a version of the poem. This episode features poet Theresa Lola and her mother in conversation, before reciting a translation and original version of Theresa's poem 'Wine




Screening Date: FEB 24th

Nomfundo is about a tormented and impulsive young woman who is pregnant with her first child. When Nomfundo is betrayed by the two people she holds dear to her heart, she makes an erratic decision that unleashes a tragic chain of events.  She flees from the repercussions of her actions and has a transcendental encounter that puts her unborn child's life in jeopardy.




Screening Date: FEB 24th

This short essay documentary explores some of the challenges facing Pan-African relations among Africans in the 21st Century and the historic role of Pan African activity in the face of stubborn European imperialism. In the documentary a few continental Africans share their thoughts about African Unity. A united states of Africa.



SICELA AMANZI - SOUTH AFRICA (Dir: Mlungiseleli “Mlu” Godola)

Screening Date: FEB 24th

When a small community's only source of water unexpectedly collapses during a severe drought; Zoleka, a mild mannered and well meaning young woman, is forced to go to extreme lengths to ensure that her ailing sister lives another day




Screening Date: MARCH 31st

On the morning of the long-awaited reunion with his exiled family, a man is faced with the heartbreak of a different type of parting - from his lover.




Screening Date: MARCH 31st

Monsoons over the Moon is a mythical drama about a street gang known as The Monsoons who have escaped an oppressive dictatorship set in post-apocalyptic Nairobi. The narrative follows a young lady Shiro (Anita Kavuu – Ng’ang’a) from the streets whose violent boyfriend has disappeared, and his rivals are using her to look for him. She feels afraid and imprisoned by her circumstances until one of her friends gives her a book which catapults her to open her mind.



NIGHT SHIFT - USA (Dir: Marshall Tyler)

Screening Date: TBA

A night in the life of a Los Angeles nightclub bathroom attendant.



NEW NEIGHBORS - USA (Dir: E.G. Bailey)

Screening Date: TBA

How far will a mother go to protect her children?



ALMA - CAMEROUN (Dir: Christa Eka Assam)

Screening Date: TBA

Alma is a beautiful young woman living with her husband in a fishing village in rural Cameroon. What seems an idyllic existence in the beginning soon turns into a harrowing story of domestic abuse, which unfolds in the context of a community that does nothing. The film bluntly explores the tragic consequences of gender-based violence when un-denounced.


MDREE BAHREE_LAND OF THE SEA - ERITREA / DENMARK (Dir: Miriam Firesewra Berhane Haile)

Screening Date: TBA

The film Mdree-Bahree Land of the Sea, revisits different field recordings made in Dekemhare, Eritrea
before it ́s independence (91 ́), with double screening windows and a present-day subtitled phone call, it
all plays out as the images stir up the past and breaks with the present-day narration.
The viewer finds them selves shifting perspectives, between watching the images and being watched by
the images.



GERRETA - ETHIOPIA (Dir: Mantegaftot Sileshi) 

Screening Date: TBA

An angry young father gets out of his home in a rush to search and get a food to his hungry children; he encounters with a rich family who refused and humiliated him while he asks them to carry their basket for a small money. He rambles round in a busy city and lately stumbles upon with a thief at a bakery; the thief suddenly yells at him THIEF; within a few seconds, an angry mob chases the young father away. Everyone fails to see their own culpability while hunting him.